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       The School of Economics and Management was founded in 1985. It was formed by merging the original School of Management with the School of Economics, Politics and Law in 2015.

The school consists of 8 departments, including department of International Trade, Department of Finance, Department of Energy Economics, Department of Marketing and E-commerce, Department of Human Resources, Department of Accounting, Department of Information Management and Department of Public Administration. The school has 9 undergraduate majors, including Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Big Data Management and Application, e-commerce, Administration, Finance, International Economics and Trade, energy Economics; and 2 composite majors, Mathematical Finance and International Trade English; 3 first-level master degree programs in Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, and Applied Economics; 4 professional master degree programs in Business Administration (MBA), Public Administration (MPA), Accounting (MPAcc), International Business (MIB) and Finance (MF).


        The school takes “green industry” as its disciplinary characteristic, with teaching and scientific research as its support and education as its foundation. It aims to cultivates senior applied talents in economics and management with solid theoretical foundation, strong practical ability and innovative spirit for the society, and serves the development of local economy. "Applied Economics" and "Enterprise Management" in the school are key disciplines in Hubei Province. The discipline of Business Administration in the school ranked among the top 50% in the fourth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education, and the disciplines of Business Administration and Applied Economics ranked among the top 50% in Shanghai "Soft subjects" in China. The majors of Marketing, E-commerce and Accounting have been approved as national first-class undergraduate programs. Marketing, Accounting Principles, Strategic Management and other three courses are provincial excellent courses, with one provincial excellent course for International students, one provincial excellent course for graduate students, and one provincial professional degree case course. The Ministry of Education has approved a total of 48 industry-university cooperative education projects; The School of Economics and Management won the honorary title of "Best Business School integrating Industry and Education in China". Dean Sun Hao was awarded the "Excellent Operation Award of China Business School". Economic Management experimental Center is "Hubei Province Economic Management experimental Teaching Demonstration Center". The school has a provincial postgraduate workstation; a provincial international research collaboration platform “ sustainable development research and international cooperation platform between China and France”; two provincial base of humanities and social science, "Hubei province recycling economy development research center" and "rural social management innovation research center of Hubei province"; a Hubei province business hall gave nameboard "international trade barriers to research center of Hubei province". In the Greater Bay Area, the school has "Industrial Development (Shenzhen) Research Institute of Hubei University of Technology", "Industrial Economics Research Institute", "Low-carbon Economy and Technology Research Center", "Enterprise Development Research Center", "Modern Service Technology Center" and other university-level research platforms.

The school has more than 180 faculty members, including 37 professors and 58 associate professors. More than 70% of the faculty members have obtained doctoral degrees. The college has introduced high-level talents from famous universities at home and abroad, and sent 50 visiting teachers from home and abroad. It has formed a well-structured teaching and research team with certain influence at home and abroad.

In the past four years, the school has continuously improved its educational strength and core competitiveness. It has been approved 17 National Social Science Fund and Natural Science Fund projects, 50 Humanities and Social science projects of the Ministry of Education, and 44 major research projects of Hubei Social Science Fund and Hubei Provincial Party Committee. The school hosted and won one first prize of the eighth Hubei Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, three first prizes and two second prizes of provincial Teaching Achievement Award; one second prize and one third prize of Hubei Provincial Development Research Award; two third prizes in Humanities and Social Sciences of Hubei Province; 10 other provincial and ministerial awards; nearly 70 core and retrieval articles are published every year on average, with a total research fund of 31 million yuan.



       Dean of the School

       Sun Hao, Hubei province, doctor of Management, professor, dean of School of Economics and Management, Hubei University of Technology, academic leader of "South Lake Scholar" of Hubei University of Technology, head of public Administration discipline. Sun Hao has published 1 personal monograph, edited 1 textbook, and presided over 8 provincial-level longitudinal projects. Published 15 academic papers in Chinese core journals, 2 of which were indexed by international EI and 3 by international CPCI. He won the second prize of the 5th Young Teachers Teaching Competition of Hubei University of Technology, and the nomination award of the 8th and 10th Best Teaching Quality of Hubei University of Technology.